A day trip near Bruges: beautiful Damme

When you’re visiting Bruges for a few days and want to make a day trip out of the city, Damme is your place to be. It’s a short 20 minute bike ride away from the city centre. You can also go by boat, which will take you to Damme in 35 minutes. If you want to bike to Damme but you’re a bit tired at the end of the day you can always bring your bike on the boat ride home!

visit damme

If you’re not sure what this town has to offer, these are a few things you might enjoy discovering.

visit damme
visit damme

Go up the church tower and take in the amazing view.

When entering the town centre you won’t miss this church. It’s 43 meters high (about 141 feet tall) and stands tall over Damme. A ticket to go up the tower will cost you 2 € and you’ll even get some free info from the super friendly guard. He’ll give you a plan that explains what you’re seeing when you reach the top and maybe some more info if you have a question. You’ll climb your way to the top on a few (206!) narrow steps but it’s worth it when you see the view. The church itself also is something worth visiting. It has a beautiful interior and is well kept.  When visiting Damme, try to plan it on a sunny cloudless day. That way you can see for miles on end.

visit damme
visit damme

Wander around Damme and explore the beautiful nature.

This little town is surrounded by nature. The best way to explore it has got to be on foot. There are a few planned out walking paths that you can find here. But I always find the best way to explore any place is to get ‘lost’. You have a map on hand but only use it when you thing you’ve gone a tad bit too far and need to find your way back home. When you wander around you find the best places, like when we came across these sheep. There were so many and we would’ve never found them if we went the same way home as we came from.

Go to a museum.

There are two museums in Damme. A great way to learn more about the town on a cloudy day! One is free and the other is only 2,5 € per person. More info here.

visit damme


Hope this helped you and made you want to go for a fun day trip to Damme!



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