HelloFresh review

We’ve been ‘subscribed’ to HelloFresh for a while now, coming up to 6 months. Perfect time to write a small HelloFresh review!

HelloFresh review

HelloFresh is a food subscription service where you get ingredients for dinner, you choose between 3 or 5 days and get the recipes delivered in the chilled box at your door. When we first got the box we were excited and slightly sceptic about the idea. We saw a commercial on tv and had a coupon for a free trial box. We ordered, it came, we cooked, it was delicious. It wasn’t always like that though. If you do this month after month it gets a bit boring. Same thing as if you would cook the same dishes every week, but different. There’s always variety in the boxes but most of the time its a kind of noodle dish, a few veggie dishes and some more normal ones. We did get bored after a few months and stopped it for a few weeks but we quickly came to realize we liked the convenience of it. We liked not thinking about what to make for dinner every night. We just don’t do it every week now. Let’s continue the HelloFresh review and compare some meals to the images they always show in magazines.

HelloFresh review

Here’s what this weeks recipes looked like, and how it looked when we made it.

Day one: little pita breads with chicken

HelloFresh review

This was a nice and easy to prepare meal, nothing special but tasty.


Day two: fish with colored carrots and potatoes

HelloFresh reviewHelloFresh review

This was an ok meal. The fish was smaller in size than expected and it wasn’t a very exciting dish.


Day three: spinach dish with pear

HelloFresh reviewHelloFresh review

This dish was ok. I don’t really like potatoes so to eat them 2 nights in a row was a slight bummer for me (you can always interchange the meals, but we didn’t). There was so little meat and you had to make a mousse out of the pear. The pear wasn’t really ripe so that didn’t happen.


Day four: warm noodle salad

HelloFresh reviewHelloFresh review

This was a surprisingly nice dish. I don’t always like the Asian style dishes they have because they are always the same but this was nice! I liked the peanuts, gave it some texture.


Day five: penne with home made sauce and feta

HelloFresh reviewHelloFresh review

This was absolutely delicious, I always love their pasta/pizza dishes. Again, delicious.


Conclusion of my HelloFresh review:

This is nice if you want to have our dinners thought out for you and you just have to make it. For around 50 euros a week its not bad, it could be cheaper but it comes to your door for free so thats a plus. I don’t know if every dish is the healthiest but it beats take out when you’re too lazy to come up with a dinner idea. Would recommend but not to everyone.


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