We’ve been to this lovely place a few times now so a blogpost was long overdue. Petite Aneth is a restaurant located in Bruges near a quiet park, perfect location for a mid-week dinner.


Petite Aneth

We always get the mid-week dinner menu, its 25 € for a three course meal which is so cheap in comparison with what you get served. With you choice of drinks (I got the mojito) you get a little appetizer, this time it was a little fish soup, delicious.

Petite Aneth

The first course was a ravioli with ham and a lovely sauce, again super tasty!

Petite Aneth

Main was fish with vegetables, roasted potatoes and a creamy sauce.

Petite Aneth

And for dessert there was a coffee creation, I don’t drink coffee so I was very hesitant about this dish but I loved it! It had some ice cream, little macarons, delicious cream and other little surprises.



If you’re ever in Bruges, definitely go to Petite Aneth! You get really top quality food for such a low price and the service is always very professional and friendly. I can’t find a bad thing to write about this place, go check it out.

Sorry about the bad picture quality, it’s taken with my phone in lower light!


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