Harry Potter studios

A few months ago my not so secret Harry Potter dream came true; to go to Hogwarts and visit the Harry Potter studios. It was such an amazing experience to see everything that was involved in making the amazing movies. From the broomsticks to magic potions, wigs and the cloak of invisibility, it was just awesome. Sure, the whole ‘magic’ around the movies is a bit taken away but is was just so cool. Even their giftshops was themed – and yes i bought a wand!

Harry Potter studios

The most spectacular thing we saw – for me at least – was the model they used to make Hogwarts more real. They used it for intro’s, scenes where they walk near the castle, green screen stuff, … The model was made on a 1:24 scale I believe, it was so detailed and you can see that they put a lot of effort into the model. It made all the difference for the movies, it made people want to go to school there, it made it real.

Harry Potter studios

When we walked by this prop from the Ministry of Magic I had to take a picture. Its really detailed and it could be something thats true in our world, our society. In some countries people do get oppressed by people with more wealth, more dominance, more money.

Curious about the studio tour? Click here to watch a short video. (All credits go to the owner of the video.) My visit to the Harry Potter studios was one of the best experiences of 2015 and I’m never forgetting that time that I went to Hogwarts, ever.


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